Have you ever wished, when seeing the interest received on your savings account: “I wish I was an expert in trading on the stock exchange, because this could make my savings more profitable”. The risks associated with investing prevented you from trading on the stock exchange.

Well, not being an expert is no longer a reason not to trade and invest. Because Imata Consultancy releases a computer program containing the know-how to invest profitably without running unjustifiable risks.

InvestOptimal is the result of several years of study of the stock market and designing and extensive testing of trading systems. You can try this program for free for a period of thirty days and experience that for you, too, trading profitably is possible. To give you confidence in the program we have included the results of using the program for a period of 2 years and stored them in a database. Future results of working with the system will be added to this database. This makes it possible that you can test the system without risk, for you can see what working with the program yields, without having to do that with your own money. You do it with virtual money of the program, namely only on paper and not with real money, your money.

InvestOptimal is typically a progam for those who do not know anything about trading and investing and have no experience with it.

The program takes care of your money and gets more careful in proportion to the amount already invested: it reduces the amount spent on one transaction. The program also protects you against losses, by selling early when the stock does not do as expected, at least early enough to prevent big losses. InvestOptimal is so designed that it makes more money on each winning trade than it loses on losing trades or in other words: to make an overall profit.

The program makes daily, for every stock in the system, a forecast of the price of that stock for the following day, the end of the following week and the end of the following 4 weeks. These forecasts are the result of complicated mathematical, statistical and probablity calculations. It is of course not possible to forecast 100% accurate. The system has proved to be sufficiently accurate to invest in a justified way.

The program makes daily an analysis of the stock prices for every stock in the system and gives advice which stocks to buy and which to sell. After downloading the new prices of each day there is a comparison of the forecasted price with the real price in the stock market. You can make a graph of the results and see that the two are rather close.

You can make and maintain an investment portfolio with the program by entering your buys and sells in it.

The price of the program is a justified investment and if you carry out the advices of the program you can earn back this investment within a year. Moreover, because you need no advice of your bank you save on trading costs (buying and selling costs charged by the bank).

Although the program has proved to be able to trade profitably, there is no 100 % guarantee that you will earn money. Nobody can guarantee that. InvestOptimal cannot forecast a nuclear war or other disasters, but a nuclear war can happen and also a crash of the stock market. Nobody can.

Trading and investing are not only good for your purse but it also is fun. I wish you much fun and a nice profit with InvestOptimal. The program contains an extensive help. If you press F1 or click on underlined words you are led to the things you are looking for.

Don't take our word for it. Try it.